Our Story

Wild Folk emphasizes ingredients that support a commitment to sustainable development and a low impact on the environment.

We source local and global integral products, use artisanal quality, fair-trade and hand-harvested when available, and showcase seasonality and locality in all our brews. 

Made up of a complex blend of herbs, botanicals, and citrus rind, Wild Folk leaves imbibers without the hangover, but with a refreshing sense of belonging. The real liquid confidence.

About the Founder

After 15 years as founder and hands-on manager of The Coup restaurant, Dalia Kohen quickly recognized a need in the market for convenient, non-alcoholic cocktails and conversations.

Trained as a health-focused vegetarian chef, she spent much of her time turning classic and familiar flavours and recipes into nutrient-dense alternatives.  

Her passion is gardening and foraging.  Her connection to the soil, seasonality, and market demand, bloomed these beverages.

Our Pillars

Our Experience


A caring and equitable approach to experiential sipping, encouraging a sense of fun, adventure and curiosity that feels like a friend to all.

Our Philosophy

Quaintly charming small-batch treatment that’s brimming with character. It’s bolstered by entrepreneurial pride, for approachably balanced and inexplicably comfortable libations.

Our Process

Well-made as a culmination of invested passion, local roots and deep commitment to detail. An inventive and artful approach to reimagining tradition with integrity at the forefront.

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